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Florida Probate is not always necessary

Probate in Florida
is a court supervised process in which a deceased person’s assets are collected, debts are settled and the remaining inheritance is distributed to the heirs (or beneficiaries).

But sometimes, probate isn’t necessary. There are a host of other options that may be available depending on each estate’s unique situation.

When is Probate Necessary?

  1. There are assets that are “stuck” in the decedent’s name (real estate, checking accounts…)
  2. A bank tells you that “Letters of Administration” are needed.
  3. You need to file a lawsuit on the decedent’s behalf (i.e. wrongful death)

These are all legitimate reasons to open a probate case in Florida but the reality is that sometimes probate just isn’t necessary.

Gainesville Probate AttorneyMy name is Long and I’m a probate attorney practicing out of Gainesville, Florida.

I have handled over 600 probate cases over the years.

I’d love the opportunity to examine your case details in a brief phone consultation.

We will tell you if you need Probate

  1. Is probate necessary?
  2. Which type of probate is the most suitable and cost-effective?
  3. When should you start a probate case? (This is more complex than it sounds.)

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