Florida Probate on your mind?

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Hopefully this is your last destination for information about the Florida Probate process.

Florida Probate Law can be very different than probate in other states.

There are pitfalls everywhere and even the “simplest” of probates can become complicated if executed poorly.

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet but none of it can substitute a chat with a Florida Probate attorney. So please feel free to read the blog and soak up the information but when you’re done, we should talk.

Florida Probate in a nutshell:

  • Florida probate administration is a court process.
  • Assets are collected, creditors are paid and beneficiaries receive whatever remains.
  • Assets = Real Estate or Personal Property
  • Two kinds of “Florida Probate”: Summary & Formal
  • The existence of a Will does not eliminate the need for probate
  • In Florida, “Personal Representatives” are in charge of “probating” the estate
  • Personal Representatives must have attorney representation (attorneys do most of the work)
  • Most probate cases are filed by mail with telephone hearings (so your attorney does not have to be in the county where probate is required)

A bit about us:

  • Probate is what we do – Our practice is almost 100% focused on Florida Probate matters!
  • We file probate cases STATEWIDE. Our clients are NATIONWIDE.
  • We handle almost every aspect.
  • NONE of our clients have ever had to set foot in Florida.
  • In our office, all probate pleadings are personally prepared by a Florida Probate attorney (not a paralegal)
  • We LOVE technology and embrace the use of phones, fax, email and the internet to streamline our probate cases. (which means open communication and efficient service)
  • Your “no strings, no pressure,” absolutely free consultation is with a Florida Probate attorney, not a paralegal.

Is Probate Necessary?

The key question on every person’s mind when faced with probate is:

“Do I really have to go through probate?”

The answer is always a big fat “maybe”.

You might also want to check out our Florida Probate FAQ

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  • Discuss probate and non-probate options
  • Offer a quote for services if you need legal assistance

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