Before I say anything else, you should know…

Florida Probate is not always necessary

Reasons why probate might be needed:

  1. There are assets that are “stuck” in the decedent’s name (real estate, checking accounts…)
  2. A bank tells you that “Letters of Administration” are needed.
  3. You need to file a lawsuit on the decedent’s behalf (i.e. wrongful death)

These are all legitimate reasons to open a probate case in Florida but the reality is that sometimes probate just isn’t necessary.

Hi, I’m Long and I’m a probate attorney practicing out of Gainesville, Florida.

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Within 10-15 minutes I can determine:

  1. Is probate necessary?
  2. Which type of probate is the most suitable and cost-effective?
  3. When should you start a probate case? (This is more complex than it sounds.)

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